Hiking and biking

The world´s more beautiful when you experience it with all your senses at once. On foot or on wheels is only here and now. The greatest experiences aren´t measured in the number of steps taken or miles pedalled. All that counts is how you feel. Not to be sneezed at.


Experiencing the world with all your senses will take your trip to new dimensions. You´ll realize this when you´re hiking in the mountain regions of the Dolomites or rolling along on four wheels among the soft hills of Umbria accompanied by nothing but nature and silence. A hiking or biking tour with WI-Resor brings you closer to nature, the scents, and life beyond the tourist venues. Add to that high-class living, good food, great service and new friends and you´ll know you´re in the right place. You´ll most likely also be given the chance to choose your degree of difficulty on sight. Welcome to WI-Resor!

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