The company

’Unlimited’ is a group of 9 niche travel and event companies who all provide unique high quality experiences and excellent service.  The operation comprises in owning, starting, developing and acquiring small and medium sized travel and event companies that are specialised, independent and driven by entrepreneurs.

Each company has its own niche, skills and positioning.  The companies are driven by strong entrepreneurs with ownership so that they can reach the full potential within their business. By working together, we can create scale synergies, learn from each other, build specialist skills and take on joint investments.

The industry

The Swedish travel agency industry falls into two main categories. One being the package holiday industry where a few large players have dominated the scene for a long time. Competition is hard, the products are similar to each other and pricing seems to be definitive for the customer.

The other category is the niche travel segment where you will find Unlimited. In this category the products are generally defined by a higher complexity and specialist level combined with a higher degree of personalized customer service. The target audience can mainly be found in a well-travelled, internationalized group with a high disposable income. Our customers are looking for deeper content experiences when it comes to nature and culture, adventure and education in their travelling. The corporate side has also seen an increase in demand for more unique arrangements, where conferences are becoming all the more important when it comes to driving change and building company culture.

Our vision

“We make people´s dreams come true.”  Our keywords passion, innovation, care and consideration are used to broaden people´s horizons and make their dreams come true. Together we make the world a better place.

Our mission

We create trips and meetings that will leave you with unforgettable memories. We love sharing our experience and wisdom of a global world, united by a joint focus on quality in every dimension. Together we are Unlimited. The way we specialize and structure our businesses allows us to remain small and put quality before quantity. Together we are specialists in both epic and small scale travel.

Our values

We are…

… PASSIONATE specialists

… and INNOVATIVE entrepreneurs

… with CARE  AND CONSIDERATION for all things, big and small